Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our wonderful Christmas

Ok so Christmas was great. I wanted to include some pics of Christmas morning at Bodie's home. We all got some great gifts. I got some great new shoes as well as a cute purse, and a jewelry armoire. (which I have been wanting forever.) I also got some new kitchen knives. Bodie got a p90x (and was TOTALLY suprised) and a nerf gun, some other toys, and a book. We both got great stocking stuffers, games, decorations for the house, christmas money, and lots more. It was fun. The rest of the family was really pleased with their gifts, Gloria got some really really cute wall decorations, and a foot massager, and John got some new clothes, tools, and a few other things. Brandee got some really cute clothes, a chi flat iron, and cute scentsy. Just when we thought the present opening was over Gloria suprised the family with a Wii. We had a blast playing that all week. It was fun spending my first Christmas at his house. Last year for our first one we did our own thing with the two of us in Cedar. It was nice to be around family again. We were able to visit so many family and friends that we hadn't seen in way too long. The gifts were great, but being able to relax and spend time with family and friends was definitely better. On Saturday my dad's side of the family all went up Huntintion canyon to go snow mobiling. My Dad came from Salt Lake and brought a snow mobile and it was a blast..although it was only 0 degrees outside. We had a blast the entire 5 days we were there. Now we are back in Cedar, back to work, getting ready for the New Year! I think we are going to go the the First Night in St. George. It was pretty fun last year. I hope all of you had a great Christmas this year, it was great seeing all of you! Happy New Year!!

Bodie playing Wii Boxing-->

Bodie's favorite gift: P90X

Before and After

Great new shoes, stocking stuffers, and more!...

More shoes, Bodie's nerf gun...Bodie's mom, Gloria unwrapping her gifts

Some kitchen knives, Bodie's dad John, and us going through our stocking stuffers

Gloria, and sister Brandee opening more great gifts!

Brandee made me this cute set of wood blocks! I love them! Good thing we have someone crafty in the family!

Later that day we went to my house for Christmas with my family. I snapped a couple more pictures..

My wonderful grandpa

Mom, me, Courtney, and Emily

We got Emily some new basketball shoes for her first year playing..
Also, my new purse

On Friday I was able to meet up with Monique and Jess for lunch. We had a great time catching up on life.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Every year in December the girls get together to have dinner and catch up on life. All of our lives are so crazy, and things are always changing. We are all pretty much spread out across the state. We hardly ever get to see each other. We have made it a great tradition to meet up at least once a year. I think this was our 3rd year. We always eat at the same Applebees in Orem. It's so much fun seeing everyone. Being that all of us went to hair school together, except Nancy, our hair is always different when we see each other. It's funny. This year we missed a couple friends, Beth couldn't make it, and Tiff is on her mission in Florida! We also had a new addition to the party, Patricia's baby Baylor!! Isn't he so cute? Chaliese will have one by next Christmas, and I wouldn't be surprised if some other's do too. We'll see! We also spent some time up at my Dad's in Salt Lake. Since we cant make it up there for Christmas, we did our Christmas this weekend with them. We had a great time over the weekend and made it back to Cedar. Next we will be heading to Emery County to visit more family and friends over the Christmas holiday. I get to visit with Monique, and Jessica. I havent seen them FOREVER! I appreciate the amazing friends, and family that I have. They are the BEST in the whole world. I want to give a shout out to them! I love you guys!

The picture doesn't do justice, but Chaliese is 5 1/2 months along! She is due on April 15th, and has a cute little belly! She is having a boy.

Dad and Bode had fun playing a game of darts..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Salon Christmas Party

Saturday night we had my work christmas party at Ninja Seafood and Steakhouse. It was so much fun! We sat around the grill and watched our food being cooked and flipped all around! It was awesome. The japanese chefs are amazing at what they do. They are so talented. Bodie, unfortunately, did not catch the seafood in his mouth...dang it! I had to use the kiddy chopsticks..haha. I wish I had pictures. The food was absolutely amazing. I had steak and chicken, and Bodie had steak and salmon. Man was it yummy! Janelle is so sweet, she paid for all our meals, and also gave us each a box of See's Chocolates! Even more yummy! The night was really fun, and it was snowing outside the whole time. It was really pretty. I love the girls and pete that I work with. They are so neat and fun, and I learn so much from them. Jess is from Vegas, Linz is from Texas, Janelle is from Southern Cal, and Cat is from Hollywood. I am not sure about Pete. They all bring such different styles to the salon. It's awesome. What a fun night! oh and p.s. finals are over and man am I happy. I have finished the last math class that I EVER have to take. That's a really good feeling. Can't wait to graduate in May!

We had SO much fun!

The Crew! Top: Lindz, Janelle, Me. Bottom: Jessika, Cat, and Pete

Us, and my manager Janelle

Cat, Pete, Pete's wife Sandy

Lindz and Jessika

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Ok it has taken absolutely FOREVER to find time to do another blog. One reason being that I dont really like to post unless I have some pictures. The pictures that I finally have aren't much though. We just went through Thanksgiving with all of our families. Its really great being able to see all of them in the same area (Emery County). First we ate with Bodie's family in Huntington. Then we went to my grandmas (also in Huntington) which is my dad's side. He was down for that. Then we went to my Mom's in Orangeville later that evening. Three Thanksgivings in one day! It was great. I am pretty bad at remembering to take pictures so, of course, I finally remembered when we were at my Moms. Thats the picture above.(My Mom, Me, and sis Courtney) That's all I have got to show for the ton of family we were able to visit over the Holiday. I will work on that. None the less, I was so much fun. It was a nice break right before finals. Speaking of school, I finally registered for my LAST semester of college! Yay! I am so happy to be done...but it's without some major sacrifices. I have to take 27 credits in the spring! I know it sounds crazy, but my favorite professor/advisor is helping me out alot, and I am only actually going to 4 classes, the rest are independent. I am SO thankful for all his help. In all honesty, I probably shouldn't be graduating for another year. Another sacrifice is that I am slightly putting off the business Bodie I are building. It would go alot quicker if I could put more time into, but I can't quit school with one semester left. Bodie is still doing his electrical apprenticship with is going well for him. Fortunately, his work is staying pretty busy. Kinda suprising with all the jobs that are closing, or minimizing. They are actually hiring. It's good for him until we get our business rockin and are able to go full time. Oh and the new salon I have been at (a month now) is GREAT! I love it. I am learning new things, and making more money. It's so nice too. Well that's all the news for now. I will work on getting more pics soon. I know we are kinda boring what with no kids and all...but that's just the way it is I suppose! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time during the holiday season!

All Better

Just wanted to leave a quick update on Bodies arm. All that's left is a funny looking scar that can be added the other hundred that he has accumulated over his life. Sorry its kinda hard to see.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Over the weekend...

What a great weekend! Bodie's parents came to town and we had a ton of fun. Saturday morning Bodie and John left to go to the horse races in Mesquite. Gloria and I, however, didn't want to go. In the morning we went for an awesome walk/hike up a huge hill. It about killed us! It felt so good though. Then I took her to the new salon I am starting at so she could check out the new fab place. Then we were off to St. George. We went to Bodie's grandmas and I cut some hair. Then we went to Peerless and loaded up on some hair product, etc...we had lunch at Iceberg (Gloria's favorite) and headed to Costco. Gloria and John decided that for our Christmas they wanted to get us whatever we wanted from Costco. Since they most likely won't be back down here before Christmas, we did that this weekend. Let's just say Bodie and I are set for the next year! BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! Thanks guys! You are the greatest. Also, they bought Bodie some new jeans, and shirts (much needed) and me...a new cell phone! I have had an upgrade for two months now, and the phone I had was SO junky...a hand me down phone that I had for two years. I love my new phone, and because our awesome neighbor works at Verizon we got a KILLER deal. Thanks Nick and Kelly. So then Bodie and John met us in St. George, and we went out to dinner with the rest of the family. It was way fun to see everyone. I love Bodie's family. We also did a little bit of GeoCaching around town, of course. Bodie can't get enough of it! He is quite the treasure hunter. So basically, we had a really fun weekend. Besides all the getting spoiled, we loved hangin with the parents. We also went to a haunted house...scary! They wore us out and we pretty much slept Sunday away. Fun Fun Fun....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ouch! Slight Change of Plans...

Fortunatly for me my husband is home! He ended being at the Grand Canyon for about...4 hours. Unfortunatly for him...he sliced his arm with a exhaust fan. We had to go to the hospital for stiches. I have never watched anyone get stitches...surprisingly it made be a bit sick while watching it. After the doctor numbed the larger cut he stuck his finger in it and wiped it made my stomach turn. He only had 9 stiches all together, but the cut really is gross. You could see the fat and muscle. Mmmm... Anyway, Bodie is fine!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up to date...

This week is midterms, I swear it's just as bad as finals week. It's so stressful. Bodie is also leaving monday morning till thursday night for work. He gets/has to go the Grand Canyon to install electricity to 22 bathrooms. He isnt way excited because who wants to go to the Grand Canyon to work? Anyway, We dont really have too many exciting things going on here...sometimes I think if we had kids it would be more fun to this whole blog thing. Anyway, we are trying to get Bodie ready to take his residential electrical exam. That will be a huge relief when its over. I am working in a salon right now that isn't really going so well. I have been there for six months and I totally love the people I work with, but there isnt alot of color/cutting, alot of older ladies come in there. I want to go somewhere where it's a little bit younger, and also where there is more color and "crazy" hair opportunities/challenges. This week I did the coolest color though, I did a deep red color with these awesome, random copper panels. She looked so good. I love that kind of stuff. So that's another thing I am thinking about. I am going to leave this salon in a couple weeks, and figure out where else to go. I have my eye on one thats brand new here in town, and its so awesome. It's a really trendy, hip salon. I LOVE doing hair, its my passion, so I just want to be somewhere where there is more opportunity. Anyway, Bodie's parents are coming this next weekend and I am way excited. I like it when we have company come and stay. That's the update for I better go study..ugh...

I just thought I would put a couple pics of the ladies hair that I did. Hillary is my favorite client, she challenges me, and lets me do fun stuff!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Over the weekend...

I have never been to conference and I really wanted to go this weekend, but we werent able to. We did, however, go to Bodie's missionary reunion Friday night. It was so much fun. I love seeing Bodie get excited to see old companions and things. It's fun to watch them interact. We were up in salt lake for that, it was a good time. We also went and watched a movie in the imax theater- eagle eye. It was really good, I thought. We had to drive all the way back to Cedar today (saturday) because I had some updo's to do in the salon. I really didnt want to drive home for one appointment, so another girl said she wanted an up do as well. She ended up not showing. So we came all the way home for one appointment. Kinda annoying. Oh well, we are lounging this evening watching movies. Plus, now instead of traveling tomorrow we can be here watching conference!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just getting started!

I finally convinced Bodie that we need to do a blog. He decided that if he was going to let me do anything like this, it would be a blog. (not myspace or facebook; which I agree with) So I am really excited. I hope I can get the hang of it! Things are going so well with us here in Southern Utah. As much as we love it here in Cedar, the reality is that we are only here for school, so as soon as I finish we are out of here! We think we will most likely go to St. George, depending on a few things. Bodie really wants to move to Washington State, which I think would be fine (regardless of all the rain), but we dont know when. I will finish school in May (yay!) and then we can move! We probably wont decide where we are going until a couple months before, we are usually pretty random and dont decide till last minute. We like that..We like being able to pick up and go and not have many worries. If we had kids, that would be a different story. We want to start a family when I am finished with school. Our family (especially bodie's parents!) Would love to have some grandbabies right now, but it would be kind of a bad idea when I have only 1 1/2 semesters left! Bodie is working in electrical, and doing the school for that; soon to get his residential journeymans. We are also working on some other endeavors, but that's another story for another day! Anyway, thats pretty much everything we are up to right now. Lovin life, and loving eachother! It's been over a year now that we have been married, and its...WoNdErFuL. Couldnt be better! :)