Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Ok it has taken absolutely FOREVER to find time to do another blog. One reason being that I dont really like to post unless I have some pictures. The pictures that I finally have aren't much though. We just went through Thanksgiving with all of our families. Its really great being able to see all of them in the same area (Emery County). First we ate with Bodie's family in Huntington. Then we went to my grandmas (also in Huntington) which is my dad's side. He was down for that. Then we went to my Mom's in Orangeville later that evening. Three Thanksgivings in one day! It was great. I am pretty bad at remembering to take pictures so, of course, I finally remembered when we were at my Moms. Thats the picture above.(My Mom, Me, and sis Courtney) That's all I have got to show for the ton of family we were able to visit over the Holiday. I will work on that. None the less, I was so much fun. It was a nice break right before finals. Speaking of school, I finally registered for my LAST semester of college! Yay! I am so happy to be done...but it's without some major sacrifices. I have to take 27 credits in the spring! I know it sounds crazy, but my favorite professor/advisor is helping me out alot, and I am only actually going to 4 classes, the rest are independent. I am SO thankful for all his help. In all honesty, I probably shouldn't be graduating for another year. Another sacrifice is that I am slightly putting off the business Bodie I are building. It would go alot quicker if I could put more time into, but I can't quit school with one semester left. Bodie is still doing his electrical apprenticship with is going well for him. Fortunately, his work is staying pretty busy. Kinda suprising with all the jobs that are closing, or minimizing. They are actually hiring. It's good for him until we get our business rockin and are able to go full time. Oh and the new salon I have been at (a month now) is GREAT! I love it. I am learning new things, and making more money. It's so nice too. Well that's all the news for now. I will work on getting more pics soon. I know we are kinda boring what with no kids and all...but that's just the way it is I suppose! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time during the holiday season!

All Better

Just wanted to leave a quick update on Bodies arm. All that's left is a funny looking scar that can be added the other hundred that he has accumulated over his life. Sorry its kinda hard to see.