Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent News and Events!

We had a fantastic 5 year anniversary. We decided to spend the weekend in Seattle. After 3 years of living in Spokane we finally went! Its only about 4-5 hours away so its kinda surprising that we haven't ever gone up till this point but we have just been busy working! Anyway, it was a complete blast and I am just going to sum up what we did.

First off, Bodie's been working in Seattle for about a month now. (So glad he isnt back in LA!) So we stayed at the hotel his company pays for. Yay! Some of the fun things we did while I was there...

*Pikes Market (Famous in the movies) Watched the guys throw the fish, and got the most beautiful flowers!
* Mariners Professional Baseball Game- vs. the LA Dodgers. Way way fun!
* Alki Beach- rented roller blades and cruised the beach!
*Ate great food, did some shopping and simply enjoyed ourselves.
Oh! And how could I possibly forget. Bodie's bday is Monday the 18th, (#28!) and we got him a Triathlon Bike! He has been wanting one for SOOOOOO long! He is so so so excited which makes me even more excited! I really love getting him things. Next week we are registering him for the CDA, ID Ironman for next June! He has some triathlons he'll be doing this year to train, and I will be doing a few running events myself.
In other news, we recently were presented with a great opportunity! Since we moved here to Spokane we have been working to open our own brokerage firm within the company, and with some recent changes we are ready to do just that! Our great friends and the RVP's/brokers of the office here now have decided to expand further into AZ, and we will be taking over the office here! We are very excited for this new adventure, and are ready for the challenge and the greater responsibilities! It's what we have been working toward. We feel blessed that they feel confident with us taking over and trust that we will do a great job. We are excited for them to expand into a new area where more families can be helped! 
So that's basically where we are at right now. Life is changing and new opportunities are presenting themselves. We are really enjoying our life right now and hope that everyone back home, friends and family, are enjoying life as well! After all, we only live once right? So why not do great things and enjoy it all! 

Photos from our Seattle Trip...