Saturday, November 17, 2012


and we are so excited.
I am 12 weeks along and officially in the 2nd trimester. I am due May 31st. I have felt super great, and have been blessed to have zero sickness! Things are going great. I do have a slight baby bump but not enough to really tell that I am pregnant so I am looking forward to that! I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and saw our sweet babe (in the pic below) and then at 10 weeks Bodie and I heard the heart beat! It was super neat. Bodie said it sounded really fast, and the lady said people say really fast heart beats are said to be girls, so Bodie said, "Oh yeah I guess that actually sounded kinda slow..." haha, he wants a boy SO bad! He said he is 98% sure it's a boy. As of right now we have decided to wait to find out the gender. We want to be surprised! I think it will be way fun. I guess we could change our minds, but that's what we want right now. I am getting my birth plan together, which I know probably sounds crazy to some of you mothers because lets face it, most women's birth plans don't work out. Still, there are a few things that are really important to me.
Most people don't know, but Bodie and I have actually been trying to have a baby for about 2 years now. We were on birth control for  3 1/2 years, then tried for about 2. After 12 months of trying I starting seeing a doctor to see if there were any problems. We didn't feel like telling people because we felt like it was something between us. Plus Bodie was really good about being positive and not even talking about negatives between us or to anyone else.  Long story short, for the last 10 months I had 8 different tests/exams, Bodie had a couple, and after every single one the results were "normal". It was obvious that our Heavenly Father had us waiting for a reason. Our next step was to get on Clomid. Well, we never got that far! It happened when it was suppose to, all natural. Super great! What a blessing! We learned some patience. And honestly, I truly believe part of it had to do with our thinking. It seemed really easy at times to think negatively, and feel bad, and compare with others, and worry about the "what if", but I just decided, with the help of Bodie of course, that I didn't have the time or energy to think like that. I just knew that we were gonna have our own baby. That's what I thought about, and what I talked about. Bodie was the best partner and even if I started talking in that direction he would stop me. Anyway, after the last 2 years, what a great suprise! We can't wait!
Over the past 3 years we have had ALOT of friends have lots of babes. Some pregnancies were alike, some were so different, all so interesting to me. I have had a really big interest in how deliveries work, all the nitty gritty details. Through all the different stories, and opinions, and advice, I have been able to form my own wishes and desires for my own delivery. I have known for a long time that I want to have a midwife instead of a doctor. Also, I would LOVE to have my babies at my own home in the future with a midwife, but for my first pregnancy, not knowing how my body will react or really what to expect, I am going to deliver at the hospital. I also decided long ago that I would have a natural pregnancy. Of course I am not naieve enough to think that anything can happen in delivery and I am not going to put myself in danger. These are just the goals I have and what I really want. What I am REALLY excited about is the method of birthing I am going to do. About 4 years ago I remember watching Jay Leno and Jessica Alba was being interviewed. She had just had her first child and talked about using the "Hypnobirthing" method. The way she explained it (No, your not hypnotized) and talked about it was so intriguing to me and it never has left my mind. I have always had it in the back of my mind, kind of tucked away. I have had a lot of friends practice the Bradley Method, which has seemed fine too. One of my really good friends had her first baby about a 15 months ago and it just so happens that she used Hypnobirthing too! She absolutly loved it. I asked her a bunch of questions about it recently and it just got me even more excited to start learning the program! I ordered the book and I am going to go to some classes. Based off what I have researched and heard it is everything I am looking for and wanting. It's all about the power of your mind. It's gonna be so great!
As far as work goes, it's great! The office I am running here is doing well and on track for really great things. We are going to have a new office opened by the first of the year. Bodie is currently in San Diego, and probably will be until Feb or March, with the exception of coming home once a month. It's definitely not something I prefer and I can't wait until he is home, but it's where we're at right now in life and we deal accordingly! We are looking around at homes, there are some killer deals here in Spokane. So we are saving like crazy and hoping to buy in the spring before baby comes. Bodie has started his Ironman training so he basically works, trains, eats, and sleeps. In 75-80 degree weather. Jealous. Life really is treating us well. We have hardships, frustrations, and challenges just like anyone else, but we choose to not share them, and we focus on the good in our life. Lets face it, we are healhy, happy, expecting a sweet child, working, have the most supportive and loving family and what's left to complain about? I hope everyone back home is doing well and knows how much we love and appreciate them. I feel like at age 25 and 28, after being married 5 1/2 years, Bodie and I are kinda starting to grow up a little, haha. It's so exciting! But let's face it, Bodie will never truly grow up. He will always be a kid. That's why I love him!