Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is it really September already? WOW. This has by far been the busiest summer of our lives! So much has happened. So much to update. I'll just get right to the good stuff,

A list of events followed by pics...

June 8th- we celebrated 4 yrs of marriage. WOW. Amazing right? I just cant believe it. We went to a nice dinner and played a round of golf to celebrate. No pics on that one.
June 16-19th
- I went to Atlanta, GA for my company convention. What an incredible experience. One of the best weekends by far.
June 18th- Bodie had a birthday and turned 27! (thats right, I was in Atlanta for his big day, sorry babe) But he had fun nonetheless
June 25th- Hoopfest-pics to follow (so FUN!)

July 4th-22nd Bodies parents came to town, and so did my lil sis Emily. Had fun celebrating the 4th of July. His parents left after a week, but Emily stayed for another 2. We had one of the best summers together. It was complete blast. Loved having her here.
July 26th-Sept 2nd- Bodie left again, yes for 5 straight weeks, to LA.

While he was gone all of August I moved us out of our old apt, and into a new home, a duplex that is, that we we're so excited about..but it needed a TON of work, so I spent the entire month painting, cleaning, painting, and...more painting. Bottom line: well worth it, but I dont want to ever paint again. (I would love to hire someone though)

Sept 2nd-5th, this past weekend, , labor day weekend, Bodie was home for 3 days. We spent good quality time together, and also went golfing, and to Silverwood Theme park. Then Monday he left again, for another 2-4 weeks.

So that's it, in a nutshell. It literally feels like we have been going nonstop every day of the summer. Its not over either, the rest of the month will be lots of working, then we go to Utah for a week, then my dad and stepmom come here for a few days. Then....nothing. Yet. Maybe we'll have time for some races. That would be fun. Bodie's been itching to get a tri bike. On to new adventures!

Now for the pics...

Bodie wanted a bmx bike for his birthday. I love that he is still like a little kid. He crashed and added a couple more scars (above)

Atlanta was awesome. It was a completely different culture there. Everyone was really nice and the convention was awesome.

40,000+ people

Spokane holds Hoopfest every June, and this year Bodie played on a team with some friends. Us Wife's decided to show our support by making tee's.

The boys played some good games, but didn't go far with the losses.

There were some serious ballers at the Nike center court.

My cute babe after a good game.

This pic kicks off the beginning of 3 glorious weeks with my lil sis. It was amazing. I included a few of my fave's...

After we missed the Zumba class we headed to the spa. It was Em's first pedi

This was just before church

This was right before the parade on the 4th of July, Bodie clearly was excited.

We spent the 4th of July in Coeur d'Alene at the Lake. Its about as close as "beach" as we get, and its perfect.

Watched a great firework show over the lake

Me and Em went to Poke-a-Dot pottery and had some fun painting

We also participated in a Book of Mormon Read-a-thon. Over a 24hr time span, broken into 2 days, the Young Women completed reading the entire Book of Mormon. Because I was 1st counselor I was able to be there and it was an amazing testimony builder and experience to share with my sis. It sure was a challenge, but well worth it! We also are currently working on our personal progress together, even though we're 15hrs away.

It made for a long 2 days

We spent some time at a park...

And also practiced our golf swing

We went to Splashdown waterpark and enjoyed the waterslides over, and over, and over...

We also attended the Indians Minor League Baseball game.

Love this girl SO much.

We also took Emily horseback riding for the first time. She sure is a natural with animals.

After Emily went back to Utah we played some more rounds of golf. A few days later Bodie left to L.A.

What we thought would be 3 weeks turned into 5+ weeks. So during that time I had the wonderful opportunity to move out of our old place, and fix up the new one to get moved into. Here are some before and afters. Disclaimer: I have had zero experience painting, and this was not fun AT ALL, but the pics dont even do it justice. It smelled of smoke HORRIBLY, also the carpet was discusting, as were the walls, ceiling, every inch basically. Why did we move? A few reasons. #1 sick of apt complex's, not quite ready to buy. We felt like this would be a good transition until we're ready to buy (which we are hoping to do soon) #2 better, safer area. Especially for me when Bodie is out of town. #3 cheaper and BIGGER. Not much else to say about that. And #4 its in the ward boundaries for a ward that we have really wanted to be in for a while. It was such a blessing for us. It gives us the opportunity to save even more money to buy our first home. I think it turned out fine for the next year or so...

Living Room

Thank goodness for large rugs and home decor. Also can I just point out that ALL the furniture you see here, end tables, couches, corner desk, entertainment center, tv, dvd player...all FREE. Also those throw pillows, especially made by me and my friend Brene'e who helped out a ton.

(Also thanks to HGTV for decorating ideas.)

Dining Room

Ok this is the color and the wall I THOUGHT I wanted. I quickly changed that plan. Wow..can you say amatuer!?

See that discusting yellow ceiling that is now a nice bright white? Thank goodness

(dont ask about the popcorn ceiling...if I had my way it would have been scraped off)

Tile is still hideous, but it will do for now

Itty bitty kitchen, perfect for 2 people, and especially for a wife who is still working on cooking for her hubby.

(love ya babe! I will be better ;)


Bedroom 1

(finished, but un finished, will be a guest room)

Our small Bedroom


Thank you Hobby Lobby for my cute cubboard knobs

Entry way

It took hours upon hours to handpaint all the trim..but well worth it

More trim work

SO thats about it. Every single inch of this place was painted. Top to bottom. I am pleased with the results and look forward to living here. The great thing was that when Bodie left we still lived at our old apt. When he got back we were all moved into this place. I was so excited for him to come home this past weekend. We had so much fun, but 3 days wasn't long enough. I cant wait for him to come back in 2-4 weeks, and then we're off to Utah. Cant wait to see you family and friends. Its amazing to me how blessed we are. Life really is so great! Although my babe is gone, im doing fine, and I know its because Heavenly Father is helping me out. So excited for life and the next adventure! This weekend we have a big company event here in Spokane at our office, and I am really looking forward to it. Work is going great, our new ward is awesome (although for a while there people were wondering if I was single or seperated, so it was nice when Bodie was able to be here last weekend), and we are both doing great. Healthy as can be and are surrounded by wonderful friends that we have made since living here the past 2 years. Lastly, for those of you who might be wondering, No, we are not pregnant...yet!

BIG shout out to Emily my sister who I LOVE so much! She just went into 7th grade and she made the Volleyball team! Today was their first game against Canyon View and she played both J.V and a 7th graders game. Lost J.V but won the other. So proud of you Em! Keep it up!