Sunday, November 22, 2009

Updates Galore

FINALLY got some updates. Well I guess I have had them for quiet a while, but I just now have had the time to actually update. So be ready for alot of random pics. We have had quite the past few months, busily working, but of course some fun and play time. Recently, well I guess it almost a month ago (!) we were able to go to Utah for a conference and had a great time there. I didnt get as many pics as I would have liked but hey, better than nothing.

We were in Utah the weekend right before Halloween, so we went to some fun Halloween parties here in Spokane on Halloween. We pulled out the ole cowboy and indian was a fun night!

While we were @ home we carved pumkins with both my family as well as Bodies. They all turned out great! From left to right: Courtneys, Glyns, Mine, Emily's, and Bodies. Pretty cool huh?
From left to right: Mine, Bodies, and Brandee's

Here is the huge group that we brought with us from Spokane! They are SO awesome. We had a blast with them. Alot of them had never been to Utah before, it was fun to show them "our territory" haha

Got lots of recognition, had a blast with my awesome hubby

This is us with our RVP's Trevor and Emily! Their our family up here in Spokane. They take care of me and Bode..haha

This is Bodie with Brian Mayhmen and his wife. We both had actually gone up there but he decided to go up again to accompany Kody since Ash wasnt there...The Mayhmens are so awesome. It was cool to meet them and hear from such great leaders and examples.

These two think their real studs with their belt buckles...

Number 1 baby!!

So on our way to Utah we stayed at Kody's uncles BEAUTIFUL ranch in Montana. There was a HUGE roping arena there, and that has always been one of Bodies biggest dreams, to have our own land, and a big arena just like this one. He was in heaven..It was sure fun living the dream for that one day!

The individual stalls...This is the inside of the main office at the Ranch. It was so awesome. It was originally built in the 1800's in I think Pennsylvania, and then hauled to Montana!
Here is the outside, they re-did the while thing, it was pretty junky when they started. Now its so beautiful and antique.
This is the driveway coming into the ranch...they said its so green in the summer! There are 88,000 acres and a TON of wildlife! We actually up around the property and saw 4 huge moose.
A few weeks back we had "Super Saturday" at the church. I learned quite the crafts. Those of you that know me know that im not crafty at all so I took advantage of a few things to learn.
I've always wanted one of the FHE boards, even though we dont have kids yet, I sanded everything, painted it all, sanded some more, and applied the labels, ribbon, etc... I really like how it turned out! SO easy too!

I have also always really liked these cute magnetic boards. Same process with these ones, I really like the way it turned out.

I also made this one for my good friend Ash for her birthday. It goes great with her "cowboy" themed home decor.
Last but not least, HOMEADE Mint Chocolate Truffles. SO yummy! Also, learned to make these at the Super Saturday. So easy and amazingly delicious.

I snapped of few pics of this tree changing colors, this is outside our balcony. The picture doesnt do justice of course, but was so RED and changed quick. It was pretty!


So that's about it for now! Just enjoying our time here, keeping busy, and missing all of you back at home! Thanksgiving is coming up next week and we are going to be with the Rollins this year. Should be fun!