Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apartment Pics (Post #3)

For the life of me I cannot figure how to put the posts in order, so if you want to read about our adventure from start to finish, instead of the other way around, it would probably be best. Plus, I tried to write them that way so it makes alot more sense. So scroll down to post #1!!

I have had special requests of our apartment pics and I knew I couldn't not put them so here you go...I know its picture overload but I tried to be as detailed as possible.

and thats it for now because my camera just sorry no bedroom pics. But you go down the hall past the bathroom and our room is straight ahead. As you can notice we have no furniture. We sold all of it. Entertainment center, couches, chairs, kitchen table, dressers for our clothes, ...all of it, So we are sitting on camp chairs. Also our good friends Trevor and Emily let us borrow their really nice big desk for a while until we get our own. We also brought our own washer and dryer but they have them in our apt so we are storing them in our garage that also came with the apt. I hope all the news and pictures help out. We are really excited for all of our family and friends to learn about where we are! Sorry the pics didnt come sooner, life is busy right now! I really am going to try and commit to at least 1 really good blog a month, hopefully more. Definitely when things get a bit more settled. Can't wait to hear from all of you! We miss you lots!!! Thanks again to our family, all our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for supporting us in this next step in our lives! We'll keep in touch! Please do the same! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

And we LOVE LOVE LOVE Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Idaho to Montana to Washington!!! (Post #2)

So we finally got to Montana and it was beautiful! There were SO many trees these pictures dont even do it justice. Plus I was driving while taking pictures so some of them have glares. Anyway, we made it to Dillion Montana and decided to stay the night. We were on track, according to our gps, to arrive in WA at like 4:00 am. We really didnt want to arrive there in the dark, so we stayed at a hotel and rested. I was kinda coming down with sore throat too so I definitely needed my rest :) Anyway, Tuesday morning we woke up and got back on the road. It was a beautiful day! I was getting a pretty bad cold, which kinda sucked, but oh well. Anyway, we stopped in the most random town -Anaconda- was the name of it...weird...and I thought we could just jump off the exit and grab some breakfast real quick. Well after getting off the exit it honestly took like 10 minutes just to actually get into the freakin town! I was so hungry that we just kept driving. Finally when we got to the town, we found a local family restuarant and went and had some awesome waffles, and biscuits and gravy. It ended up being a huge mining town and it was so dang small. Right next door was a taxedermy place so of course Bodie had to go check out all the stuffed's a few pix of what we found...

There was SOOO many different ones in there it was crazy. .They were all so good too, there were zebras and all this cool stuff. After that were back on the road!

It seemed like it was taking SO long to get there. I was trying not to think of the time but it was like the next thing you knew you had been driving three hours! Then the next sign to Couer D'Alene (30 min outside of Spokane) was like 200 miles +!! We again stopped a few times to stretch our legs and get gas, I also had to stop and get some medicine, my throat and stuffy nose were killing me...we just kept driving and driving and driving. I think, well I know, that a big reason that it took us so long to get there was because we had to go about 60 mph the whole way cuz of the trailer. Luckily Montana really was so scenic and beautiful, just like family and friends described. There were just so many trees coving the mountains like a big blanket, and also just like walls on the sides of the roads.
We finally crossed back into the Idaho border and we were feeling really excited to finally be there, and mostly to QUIT DRIVING!!! Northern Idaho was also really pretty. Just so much dang green! I loved it! We finally made it to Couer D'Alene and WOW! What can I say! It really was just like people described. Just such beautiful country! It was amazing. The lake is HUGE and so perfect. I cant wait to go spend some time there out on the lake. The actual town is really pretty there too, I definitely wouldnt mind having a lake house there! Well at this point it was about 4:30pm and we about 20 miles outside of Spokane. We had been in touch with some friends that were already up there so we decided to meet them at the office.
I didnt take any picture of the city, but I will try to describe it. The best way is this: We live in a forest! Well just imagine a city comparable to Provo, but with tons of trees everywhere. Literally. Off the side of the freeway, streets, up street hills, just everywhere. The sun was bright and shining, and the weather felt great. We got to the office and met some of our friends there and then went to look at a couple places. We had been looking at some apts online and had some in mind, so first we went straight to an apt complex we had been eyeing, we ended up not liking it. Then we went to Liberty Lake, which is also a really beautiful lake about 10 minutes away where our friends live. (We stayed with the Kings for the next few days until we were able to find our own place, thanks guys!) The next day we went to hunt out apartments. We looked at a bunch, you would be suprised how many there are. We finally found one that was perfect for us, right in our budget, close to the office, and in a nice area. It took us about three days to get in cuz their credit check/background stuff/referrals etc...over the next couple days while waiting to move in we checked out the town...Probably one of the biggest thing to get used to are one way streets. There are a bunch of them and they start and end very abruptly. It's really easy getting around though. We also took a ride to see the temple right there in Spokane Valley where we're living. It's probably 5 minutes away from us. You cant see it though anywhere, not even on the freeway, its pretty hidden, and also really is a some pic... Notice the EXREMELY blue sky??? Yeah its so been so sunny and hot here! Its funny how some people told us to prepare for rain everyday, and we have had nothing but sun everyday now for 8 days straight. No rain whatsoever.
We went downtown Spokane one day for a little bit and there is a really cool park with booths, and a carnival that's there all the time. I took some great pics of what is looks like right in the middle of downtown Spokane....

Isnt it BEAUTIFUL??? Who wouldnt want to live here, the weather is great and its just so pretty. The people are so nice and so welcoming, everyone is so friendly. There are so many great places to shop and restuarants to eat at...I will get more pics as time goes on of the valley and some other cool things, afterall we've only been here a little over a week and we still have a lot to see!
Pictures of our cozy little apartment on the next post!

Hey Everyone! BIG UPDATE on our recent adventure!!! (Post #1)

WOW. We are finally here in Washington. We have actually been here for a week and 2 days. We have been SO incredibly busy with finding an apartment and the business that this is the first chance I've had to set some time aside to give everyone a preview of our trip getting here and our new place we're calling home! I apologize to those who have been patiently awaiting for news, pictures, everything. Thanks for being so patient! Now before I get into all the details about Washington so far, I want to start off by describing our fun little road trip! So this first post is going to be about leaving Utah, and arriving to Idaho...

ABOVE: Just getting ready to leave the house. All packed up, and ready to go! This was a monday and ALL DAY Sunday we packed up everything and it was a pretty exhausting day. Bodie's mom was there to help us and send us on our way. Without her helping us pack and completely cram our cars, not to mention take loads of our stuff home that we couldn't fit, we definitly would have struggled. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Also a HUGE thanks to Bodie's aunt Yoli, and cousins Austin, and Oshai for helping pack/load. My car was jam packed as well as Bodies truck. We also pulled a trailer behind loaded with more stuff. It might not look like alot but believe me, it was. We both had our own drivers seats with some space in our center consol. That's about it. Both vehicles were stuffed, we couldnt see out our back windows at all. We left bright and early monday morning and the plan was to make it there, a 12 hr drive, but the end of the day...
BELOW: This is pretty much what I looked at almost the whole way there...the back of Bodies truck/trailer. Very exciting. Bodie kept losing track of how fast he was going so the trailer would start rocking, it was scary! Luckily we had walkie talkies with us so I could keep him in check! Also, I really tried to take in the beautiful scenery most of the trip out of Utah provided...also very exciting. Can you tell how excited I was??? Nice...dead...fields.

...It seemed like half the trip was just getting out of Utah! We stopped in Salt Lake to visit my dad and stepmom on the way out. It was great to see them. Then we swung by the mall to grab Bodie some sunglasses...then we were on our way again.
BELOW: Ok now we're getting somewhere. These next few pictures are of Idaho. Seeing some rolling hills was nice, as well as some green. We also saw a GIGANTIC Budweiser plant, it was huge. Kinda cool... We also decided to take some time to see the water falls and the temple in Idaho Falls. It was so pretty. It was a very refreshing break.

The temple was beautiful...Bodie had never been there and he thought the falls were really something else. We had some fun taking pictures. By this time is was about 4-5pm, thats right we had been on the road for 9 hrs, but had stopped probably a total of we were a little behind. We really wanted to enjoy the trip, which we did. Any way, moving right along... MONTANA.

(next post...)