Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life is still so crazy and busy and...awesome! Bodie and I only have internet on our phones, and the screen is so small that I cant hardly stand to be on it long. We were going to get the internet at our new place, which is still located in Cedar City, just out in the boonies, but we aren't going to get it anymore. First, Just a quick word about the previous post, my little sister Emily was baptized about a month ago and it was SO awesome!!! Bodie baptized her and it was such a great day. Also, the next weekend (May 2nd) was my graduation from SUU!! My mom, stepdad, two sisters, and also dad and stepmom all came down to attend. President Monson spoke and it was AMAZING!!!! He was great, very exciting. Later that day we all headed to St George to stay at my dad's resort thing and it was such a blast. Our good friends Kody and Ashley also came to hang out. We went swimming, barbequed, and just relaxed in the wonderful weather all evening. It was probably one of the best days ever, having all my close family, all my parents, together at the same place. That has NEVER happened. LOVE YOU ALL!!! p.s. it is THE BEST FEELING EVER to know that I will NEVER have to spend another dime or another minute sitting in a college class. YESSS!!! Another thing that happened during all these events, including moving to our new place, was that someone, still unknown, got ahold of my debit card info and took almost $1000 bucks out of our account! It sucked so bad. Luckily the bank caught it while it was still pending so we got all our money back in about 2 weeks. The people that took it was from the country Dubai. Weird. So I think thats mainly all that's happened in the past month and a half. Baptism, identity theft, graduation, and finally...moving. BUT dont worry! It doesnt end there until recently. Just when we thought we were getting settled in, yet another surprise! and NO. Its not what most of you are thinking, I AM NOT PREGNANT! haha... but...Bodie and I are MOVING! Once again! Most of you already know, but while I have been in the salon and Bode has been doing electrical work, we have also been working together part time for Primerica. A financial company that helps families become debt free, and financially independent. It's been so amazing and the income has been better than our other jobs, not mention the fact that we get to help families in a way that they never thought possible. So rewarding!!! Well an amazing opportunity presented itself to us about 2 weeks ago. Our Regional Vice President who owns our office in St George is expanding into Spokane Washington and has asked us to come help open the office and get things going! We, of course, said YES! We are moving to Spokane in July and just cant even wait. We are so blessed for this great opportunity and the freedom that we will recieve from working with Primerica. We plan to make our home there as well as start our family. We will surely miss our family and friends, but know that this is the best decision for our future goals and dreams! Later we will be able to spend and much time as we want with them for as long as we want!!! Thats all the updates for now! Very exciting times! Hope all is well with all of you! I have a ton of pics to post of everything that has happened, but dont have my camera with me right now. That's also the reason we arent getting the internet, 2 months? Not worth it. Anyway, talk to you all soon!!! WASHINGTON HERE WE COME!!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Life is BUSY! I have so much new news to share! From my little sisters baptism... to identity theft... to graduation....and also moving! Unfortunatly because Bodie and I did move we haven't got the internet hooked up at our new place as soon as that gets here, hopefully this week, the blog will be back in business with full details and pictures! Hope all is well with all of you! -Katie