Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Pictures

WELCOME TO NINJA~ Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi....This is my one of my favorite restaurants. I will share with you why...

I personally do not like sushi..or any seafood for that matter.
this soup and salad was very yummy though ! A great way to start out...

We sat at the Habachi (?) Grill and had this talented chef whip up our food...literally. He had so many cool tricks, tossing up eggs, throwing stuff around, and he stacked uo an onion and started in on fire!

He was very quick with his hands. We asked him where he learned how to do it all he said SUU...which was obviously a huge joke.

For my dinner I had way yummy new york steak and chicken. It honestly is amazingly good. We also had fresh zuccini and mushrooms for our vegi's, and fresh made fried rice and noodles. It was all made right in front of us. As fresh as it gets! Bodie had Streak and Shrimp. He saved a couple shrimps and went around the table and tossed them into our mouths. I did it so I could try and catch it and it actually tasted really good!

We had a couple close friends come with us. Kody (Sorry Ash couldn't make it!) and also Justin and Amy! We love these guys! They helped make my birthday a blast. Also the chef brought me out some really interested ice cream. I can't remember the name but all around the ice cream was a sponge like cake texture. IT WAS YUMMY!

I absolutly LOVE Ninja. It's so fresh, yummy, and PLENTY of food. Plus you get a GREAT show! Thanks to those who made my birthday a blast. Sorry my pictures are really blurry. I think it's time for a new camera! Maybe next year.
Also, I wanted to post a pic of my new boots but I haven't got them back yet with the new size. Soon I hope!