Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yet another adventure.

WELL. Those of you who know Bodie, and Kody for that matter, KNOW that it wasnt going to be long before we wenting jumping off those same cliffs posted in the previous post. Saturday seemed like a great day to go back to Coeur D'Alene to go cliff jumping. We set out on our adventure. Here we are starting the trail to the cliffs. A moose was there to greet us... Here we have Bodie (grey) and Kody (red) marching their way to the awaited cliffs.
This cliff, according to the boys, was WAY to small, and just wasnt going to do for what they had planned.

Kody decided to take a quick minute jumping along the rocks. It was only about a 15 ft drop. No big deal. I know you will love that Ash.

Bodie took the first jump. I believe the words that came out of his mouth werent really words, more like shreaks due to the coldness of the water.

Here we are with Bodie climbing back up to jump again.

Peeking over the edge down at Kody.

We decided that we could get better pics from underneath, they turned out pretty dang cool. Also, notice the dark clouds accumulating. This is Kody.

The storm was rolling quickly, but they just kept jumping...over and over and over. All the time encouraging me to jump. They assured me that the water wasnt cold...right...after those shreaks? I dont think so. Not to mention the scary storm rolling. This is Bodie.

We decided to take cover for a while under some trees. Smart right? I know. We waited here for about 15 min and the rain was just POURING. It was crazy how much was coming down.

Notice that my hair is absolutely DRENCHED. I didnt not step foot in the lake. This was all rain baby!

Trails that were dry just moments earlier became huge puddles and streams of water.

It was INSANE how much water came down in such a short amount of time. As much as I would have loved the sunshine, I must admit, it was really really fun!

Later that day... got home, got showered up and ready to go out & about again.
Mirabou park, about 4 min away from where we live.

Fun little dock to walk out on.

Kody on the phone trying to figure out flight plans to get back to Cedar. (Ash is currently there visiting) Bodie looking around through the mossy lake...

And what to our surprise?? TURTLES. Lots of them. Kody caught me this one.

He was just a little guy. The other ones we saw there were HUGE. It was awesome. I think we saw a total of 9 there that day. I just wanted to keep it SO bad. But I knew I would get bored of it soon, so I let him go...until next time ;)
The other ones were probably twice this size.

While I wanted to keep it... Bodie, on the otherhand, wanted to eat it. ...While Kody wanted IT to eat HIM.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Spokane is simply wonderful. We absolutely love it here. We have been here now one month and feel right at home. We know our way around quite well, but are still learning of great new areas that are so beautiful. We have a list of lakes that we need to attend, but have currently been visiting Liberty Lake, which is about 10 min away. Also running straight through the city is the beautiful Spokane River. It winds around and also has some fun rapids here and there. A couple Saturdays ago we got with some good friends and went floating down the river. It was a complete blast. We ran to a store and grabbed some tubes and were on our way. We ended up floating for just about 3 miles, but it was so ridiculously slow that we ended up quitting way before our expected destination. We had been floating for 3 hours!!! The rapids were way fun though. We met some great people along the way down the river as well. Another thing we did was go up to the South Hill to help a girl we met do some electrical work on her new house. Bodie was so kind to offer a helping hand. When we left we were cruising down the hill and came across a park that had a road that wound clear through it and there were various designated areas with different flowers. I took a few pics of the hundreds of flowers and included them down below. Also, we decided to hop across the border to Idaho and visit Coeur D'Alene. Its about 20 min away from us. We walked around the shops downtown and also around the dock. It was so beautiful..far more beautiful that Spokane, and that's really saying something! I cant wait to get on that lake and do some boating. I would love to have a lake house out at Coeur D'Alene. It's amazing. I also included more of those pictures below. It's been so great up here. We are super busy, busier than we've ever been, but are doing it together and its a complete blast. It's crazy to me to think that we are so young, and have this great opportunity to be our own bosses and build an incredible business together. We get to be together all day everyday, working on the same goals and dreams, and we wouldn't have it any other way. I really hope all is going well with all of you friends and family back home. We love you so so much and miss you! Thanks again, for all your support and love. Until next time...(hopefully sooner than later :))
I had to add a picture of our favorite little friend, Payton, that we love to play with here in Spokane. She's started trying to say our names. We LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Welcome to Coeur D'Alene...

The awesome dock that we walked around...

It was fun walking around the whole thing. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. Couldn't have been better.

There were so many boats at the dock. Can't wait to have one of our own.

I tried to get as close as possible but there are people standing on this mountain side jumping off cliffs. It looked like SO much fun! We'll definitely be trying that.

The lake is really really big! It's so pretty and clear. We also found this local burger n shakes place. It was great!

Bodie had been waiting pretty much the whole time we've been here to get a huckleberry shake, those berries are quite popular around here and in order to pick some you have to climb clear up in the mountains. He finally got his hands on one, everytime we have thought to get one the places are closed!, not today though. He LOVED it. I asked him if it was worth the wait, he said, "No...I shouldnt have waited. It's way too good."

Driving into the city of Coeur D'Alene there are these random statue feathers in the middle of the roads. They were pretty cool. This is just a quick drive by shot.

Bodie and I kinda stole this flower secretly to snag a picture. The flowers were SO beautiful! I wanted to pick a bunch and take them home. I really like how this pic turned out.

The flowers were so bright and crisp. I had never seen alot of them. This leaf was you can tell.

There were just isles of flowers. It was so refreshing!

This was really neat to see, all the flowers so orderly. It looked great.

Obviously pics never do justice, but all these rows of rose bushes were all so bright and pretty! It was a great setting for a wedding or something.

Here is Liberty Lake, also a pretty good sized lake. There were lots of fish in there. Also, turtles bigger than my hand, as well as lots of frogs and snakes in the swampy area...