Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slip-n-Slides, Halloween, and Pig out in the Park

Here we are again with another handfull of photo's and fun! So get ready...lots of pictures!

Here we have a GIGANTIC homeade slip n slide. We went on an appt a couple weeks back and this family had such a nice home up in the mountains as well as some great property. They decided to use their resources and created this huge slide. It was so awesome. There was a HUGE pool at the bottom, all made from tarps, and ropes. It looked so much fun. Bodie wanted to go down so bad, but unfortunatly we weren't dressed for the activity! haha...and that probably wouldnt have been too professional ;)

As you can see we are getting pretty excited for Halloween this year. Last year we didnt dress up, for some unknown reason, but not this year! We went into this Halloween store with Kody and Ashley and tried on some funny masks. Here is Kody and Bodie, they dont look too different from their usual selfs...anyone agree??

Last weekend there was the annual "Pig Out in the Park" downtown Spokane. Basically there over 100 food vendors with over 250 menu items. They had quite the selection! Lots of great food. There were lots of booths and lots of people!

Bodie is learning!!! He will be a great dad...haha.

Here are some random statue I blend in?

Its really cool to see them. Sometimes they are dressed up, and colored with chalk.

My sweet baby :)
They had bands playing on the stage...and some funny people dancin around! Bodie decided to go bust a move with them!

Totally random, For the first time ever, they married a couple on stage. It was cute!

This weekend we decided to create our own slip n slide at Emily and Trevors house. Let me just say...It was INTENSE.

Scoping out the slide...

Bodie's first run!

...and he hurt his toe.

We realized it was a bee sting! Ouch! But he quickly recovered..

Emily and Me. We decided to not go down, for good reason. You'll understand later...

Here we have Kody. His back was TOTALLY jacked up. Big scrapes, and some slight bleeding. But he also recovered quickly. Nothing could stop these boys!!!

Ashley and Payton

Emily and Trevors son Traven, he was pro! He stayed on the slide the whole way, every time!


Not the cleanest activity. But SO MUCH FUN!!!

Changing it up a little..

Payton, along with Emily and I, decided she would rather watch than participate.

Emily and Jada

Doesn't it look so fun!?
Maybe Bodie isn't learning? haha..pickin on Traven.

Oh...thanks for that sweet kiss ;)
Finally Payton decided to take a shot with mom.

Did NOT like it alone though!!
They would slide across the grass like 5 feet!

"Wow...that doesn't look like it hurts AT ALL"

Spectator Sport..?

So happy! (Dont think of the pain!) He had such a blast.
Great day.
Now this was a process. Took them 15 minutes to get all the itchy grass off them. Let me just tell you, it was EVERYWHERE...if you know what I mean.

We are having so much fun here. We are, of course, keeping PLENTY busy, but we definitely still find time for some fun! Making memories, and loving every second of it. Also, me and the girls went downtown yesterday and went to lunch at the Olive Garden. It was a much needed break away from husbands, and kids. We had alot of fun! Good times!!!