Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a quick post!

I wish I had some pictures to post. I meant to take my camera yesterday to our superbowl party but forgot it at home. Anyway, Bodie and I were invited to go to a bowl party in St. George at a BEAUTIFUL home up in Stone Cliff. We work for a company in St.George, Primerica, and the guy that owns the office just went over a million a couple months ago. They bought the most gorgeous home with the best view in St. George. We were also there with a lot of really great friends. It was a blast. Lots a great food, theater rooms with huge flat screens, and lots more. The only thing I would change is the steelers winning...lame.(and also maybe a warmer temperature so we could have hopped in the sweet pool) Can't wait to go back! Bodie and I definitly got some great ideas for our future "dream home"! Other than that we are just keeping busy here in Cedar! Life is going great and we are excited for our future. I can't WAIT until May 2nd..graduation!