Thursday, February 23, 2012


Almost a month later I am finally posting pics for all family and friends to see! We had a complete BLAST. Seriously, it was AMAZING. As we all know, pics never do justice. For those of you who dont know, Bodie and I went to Orlando Florida for an all expenses paid vacation. Every 6 months we get to go on these trips (if we earn it of course) and we get treated like royalty. It sure is nice when hard work pays off!
Before we left our great friends and teammates Brene'e and Scottie Williams gave us this super cute goodie bag and card. We love them so much! It's so great being in business with good people.
Patiently waiting to board our flight.
We left Spokane at 7pm, flew to Seattle, then off to Florida. Yeah thats right, one corner to the other. It was a 5 1/2 hr flight, so all night. Not restful. There was a 3 hr time change and so when we got to Florida is was 7am. We were greeted at the airport with the resort staff holding Primerica signs. They shuttled us to the resort and we checked into the hotel. They carried our bags up to our rooms for us which was so nice because we were so tired. It was about 8am when we got to our room (5am Spokane time) and so we slept. For hours. I think about noon we woke up and headed down to the pool! It was GLORIOUS!!! 80 degree weather. Bathing suits. Water. SUN. Need I say more??? Instant Heaven...well kind of.

Me, Emily, and Gema, getting our tan on.
Bodie doing the same...
Emily and Trevors little boy Traven was literally ATTACHED to Bodie the entire trip. It was so cute. They just played and played.
Here we are walking from the Hilton to the Waldorf. The hotels were connected so we had the luxury of both!

Later this evening there was a big opening reception, they were setting everything up. It was a 'Hollywood' theme.

Sweet Jada

Waldorf Astoria. When we came to the pool they would come over and lay out towels for us and basically wait on us hand and foot. It was so great!

J was freezing so Bodie kept her warm. So cute! He's seriously going to be the best dad some day.

Hilton Pool: Crazy, loud music, tons of kids, a party!
Waldorf Pool: more for adults, quiet, soft music, luxury, relaxing...
Out our hotel window, 12th floor!

Amazing sunrise every morning!

Aaaahh...our last day. Just hours before we headed to the airport to come back to 30 degree weather. I can still feel the sun now....
Opening Reception, Emily, Me, and Melissa
Jon, Bodie, and Trevor

Red carpets, Marylin Monroe statue and other fun characters, great music, AMAZING endless food, so much FUN!

Concerts and kareokee
When I say endless I mean endless! These bins were full of ice cream, and you could eat as much as you wanted! There were also boxes upon boxes of theater size candy, and every type of food buffet you can imagine. Fruit, meat, italian, junk, everything! Also free alcohol for those who wanted it so you can only imagine how crazy and funny it got watching people.

There were all these charicature booths setup and we could just go get as many as we wanted. So fun!

The last evening that we were there we went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure/Harry Potter Wizarding World. It was SO crazy! Primerica reserved the ENTIRE park just for us for the night!

As just 2,000 of us were walking in....20,000 people were leaving!

We were all patiently waited to get through the gates and go wild!

Ok. Check this out. EVERY single consession booth, restuarant, food vendor in the park was completely FREE. We could get anything we wanted! Handfulls! We took full advantage, let me tell you! Popcorn, churros, drinks, ice cream, (LOTS of ice cream!) it was endless! We walked right into a diner, ordered this amazing chicken dinner, dessert, mmmmm sooooo good! Then went back to the rides! It was the best!

For all you Harry Potter fans, the wizarding world was AWESOME! First thing we did was drink some butter beer! It was so good! It tasked just like you would imagine it would. Kinda like cream soda, with butterscotch. (non alcaholic of course)

When we got our butterbeer I looked at the register to see what the total read and it was already over $2000! They were just handing them out!
It all looked just like the real deal.

The Castle!

Here we were walking to one of the rides. I am sure that the lines would have been 1+ hrs if we had to wait on a regular day. We didnt wait AT ALL! We walked right on to the front seats of EVERY SINGLE RIDE! Me and Bodie were seriously like little kids running around the park. It was a blast!

All these pictures really were talking and moving! It was awesome!

Traven saw all sorts of characters and just loved every second of it!

The night was coming to a close so I hurried and ran to stock up on some more free stuff! haha, man what a once in a lifetime experience! When will we, or anyone really, ever have a chance to walk into Universal Studios for free, walk on every ride with out waiting, and eat whatever you want for free? What an amazing experience!

Jada was completely wore out!
The bottom line: We had the most incredible time. Seriously. The hotels were completely luxurious and incredible. The service was amazing. When I called the restaurants to make reservations, or the front desk, they would speak to me by name and they made us feel so special! Every night when we got back into our room we had gifts waiting for us. Goodie bags, luggage, jackets, etc...Primerica took great care of us! Every single morning we were served amazing breakfast at a table with our names on the chairs, and little gifts on our plates. We just feel so blessed to be part of a company that truly cares about its people. We definitly have to earn the trips, but its nice to know that if we work hard it will pay off and we'll get treated like we are truly appreciated. I dont know many companies that do that today.
The next company trip is in August at the world renowned 5 star/5 diamond resort located in Colorado Springs, THE BROADMOOR
Can't Wait!!!