Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missing this guy

Having been married for almost 4 years now, the longest Bodie and I have ever spent apart is about 2 days. Last Sunday I dropped him off at the airport, in the pouring rain (the lasted for days), so he could arrive in 90 degree weather in Pheonix, AZ. Lucky him! He went there on business, and wont be back for another week, and man is he livin the good life! Why might you ask? Well just to name a few things he's been up to: Fine dining, golphing, basking by the pool, visiting with good friends that we miss so much, and last but certainly not least attending major league baseball games...(just to name a few)


The day I dropped him off was tough. Monday morning I kinda snapped out of it I guess and was busy with work all week. The week has been pretty good. I have to say, Bodie isnt at all a messy guy, but its amazing how tidy its been around the house, and how everything just stays in its place. I have enjoyed that. I cant believe a full week has gone by, and I cant WAIT to see my baby on Saturday. I look forward to hearing about his adventures this week. As for my fun this week, well I treated myself to a nice little pedicure, and also took my young women to the driving range to hit a few balls and out for ice cream for their activity. We had a fun time. Now back to work tomorrow, gonna be a great week! Looking forward to 1pm Saturday afternoon!

*p.s hair toned and is looking great. Love it :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Alright. This post is more for me to vent, that for you to read. Before I get too much into it just know this: I LOVE hair. It is my passion. I especially love changing my own hair. 2 yrs ago when we made the decision to move to Spokane, I decided to go platinum blonde. Couple reasons, 1st-it was Bodie's idea, and I LOVED the idea, and also because I knew it was something I could maintain myself, seeing as how I would no longer be in a salon (getting hair done for free) and wasn't about to go spend $100 bucks to get a root retouch. Now 2 years later, I had perfected what I truly have LOVED...BLONDE. Just so fun. Now most people that have platinum hair, also have fried hair. But not mine. So soft, so healthy, so....white. No yellow. How great. How HARD to get it so perfect. Recently a few people, mostly Bodie, have been nagging me to change it. I think because he was sick of helping me do the back, EVERY 4-5 weeks (thanks babe!) I did start doing it myself the last few times, which worked ok, but wasnt something I looked forward to when the time came. Anyway, getting off track...So the last few months I have let the idea of adding some brown, doin a little more dark blonde..creep into my thoughts. Back and forth I would think, "Why would I change such a perfect, hard to reach color?" Then the flip side, "these roots are SO annoying!", and "oh how I wish I could swim in that pool with out risking green hair.." I gradually decided that change is good, that when we start having kids it will be really tough to keep up, and also feeling like platinum was super fun when my hair was really short and funky, but now that im growing it out its not the same. About a month ago, I found a fabulous pic, called my aunt (who did my hair for years), we decided on what we thought would be a good formulation...waited a while longer, and then I guess I decided it was time. I called my friend Brene'e yesterday to tell her I was FINALLY ready, and I went in right after that. I dont know if I was ready! Too late now. The color turned out fairly decent. The only problem is that I have somewhat gold roots, and I just keep thinking, "What!? I went from beautiful platinum, to orange roots!? NO!" Brene'e did so good though, just as I asked. I just feel like....I broke up with my hair, and I miss it, and I want it back. I told Bodie and he said, "forget about was a clean break." Kinda funny, but seriously, I miss it. The best way for me to describe it is when you were dating, and you broke up with someone because you knew it was gonna be better for you in the end, but its so hard right now, and you kinda just wanna get back together. I know this sounds CRAZY. I promise I am not vain, please dont think that. I just grew really attached, and I am kinda feeling like I gave in to peer pressure, when I really LOVED my hair the way it was. It would be so hard to go back. So I know I just need to wait it out. I also know that in a year, or probably even 6 months from now I will look back and think, "Seriously Katie, that was ridiculous, its hair, you needed to grow up." But right now...I really miss it. So there you have it. My break-up. I guess onto bigger and better this a sign that I am not ready to be a mom yet? That i'm Selfish? Ugh I bet...I really need to get over this. I just really really love hair. So that's it. That's my vent. Because trust me, Bodie does NOT want to hear about it. He can't blame me though, even he said it needs to be fixed. Right when I walked in he looked @ me (I kept a straight face, no sign of whether I liked or disliked it), and looked @ it for a bit, then said "Do you not like your hair?" He actually disliked it I think a little more than me! That's the worst! I do, however, appreciate that I have a husband who really takes interest in what I look like, and also wear (he is a great personal stylist, yay for me!) Ok, I have to be done now. Its over. Maybe ill retouch my roots in a few days to get some gold out. So that's that. Thank you for sharing my break-up with me...if you are even still reading :) Pics.......

The last 2 years

Just a few days ago...

Heading to the salon,I think having a bad hair day may have had something to do with my going to the salon so quickly...

In the salon...

The Results: Overall its not bad, but I am really picky, and the roots are gold, and some of the hair looks gray-ish to me. That's fixable though..

I suppose this post will be fun to look at later in life, and in a couple months from now, along with a few changes I will probably love my hair. Oh and by the way, this is the goal:

Looking forward to that day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The results are in!

Our race came and went, and it was AMAZING! Get ready for picture overload!

To kick it off I borrowed some awesome pics from the official website for your viewing pleasure. Kenyans have won 16 of the last 18 years. However this year an Ethiopian lady won it!

Avg finish time for this amazing group of runners was between 32-35 min!

This, my friend, is known as DOOMSDAY HILL. Highly anticipated by all Bloomies.

Crazy to think we were in that mix...W.O.W.

Can I just say that this run was one of the.most.FUN times we have had here in Spokane!? Bodie and I were seriously loving every second of it. We each had our own personal goals we wanted to achieve, and were just so excited, counting down the days. May 1st was here quick! We woke up and outside it looked pretty lousy. Foggy, and it was COLD. We were somewhat undecided on what exactly to wear (the news earlier in the week said it would be in the 60's). Needless to say, we decided on what we thought would be proper clothing, and were off to the race! Also, its a tradition on Bloomsday to toss clothing items up into the trees, and later-post race volunteers gather all the clothing to donate to different charities around the community. We decided to wear some things we knew we could live without, and live the tradition!

(snapshot of early morning, pre-race)

We found pretty dang good parking and headed to the starting line. Along the way we crossed a bridge (one of 3) that people were slowly but surely filling up.

Its funny because we seriously, well at least I, was SO dang cold. Of course the excitement overpowered that though.

As you can see, the blue skies starting pulling through, I snapped this quick shot of the beautiful Spokane River.

Another bridge across from us that people were filing across. At this point I was thinking, wow there's suppose to be 50,000-60,000 people, where are they all?? And then we came to the starting road...

If you look hard enough, you can see how far back the group goes, and this is only ONE of the 8 (i think) color groups.

I wanted to show these cool tags that were used to track everyones time. Bloomsday is the longest, biggest race in the country that uses these "D-Tags" to accuratly track EVERYONES time. Pretty sweet.

At this point we decided it was warm enough, (and close enough to starting!) that we could shed some clothes.

...along with everyone else...

As our group continued to move toward the start line, I help but take pictures of just a couple of the trees drooping over with clothes, as well as the heeping PILES of clothing around them! And let me tell you what, who ever gets some of those clothes, got some seriously GREAT deals. We eyed a few things that I wish we could have grabbed haha!

Here you can see Bodie's red hoodie..

Warmed up, ready to go!

Post Race with our new tee's.

Another quick shot on the way back to the car.

It truly turned out to be the BEST weather we could ask for. Luckily we wore the perfect attire. All along the way there were various bands performing, and people cheering you on. It was such a great environment. There were so many people around you at all times, you often had to weave in and around people, some times they would suddenly cut you off, which was annoying, but great fun nonetheless! Great Experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

As for our goals...

The race was 7.46 miles.

Bodie's Stats: (Goal to finish in under 1 hr).

Finish Time: 1:01:38 ....(SO CLOSE! Great job babe!)

Overall Place: 3,143 out of 50,611
Ran with a pace of 8:15 per mile
The average pace for 26-year-olds was 13:55
Placed 99th among 1,012 people the same age
Placed 107th among 3,149 people from Spokane Valley, WA
Placed 2,349th among 40,267 people from Washington
Placed 5th among 142 people with the same last name
Placed 2,463rd among 20,043 males

Placed 71st out of 346 among 26-year-old males
Placed 448th out of 2,254 people in your age group

Katie's Stats: (goal to run the whole thing (no walking!) in 1 hr 10 min or less)

Finish Time: 1:09:55..... (Woohoo! Barely made it!)

Overall Place: 6,801 out of 50,611
Ran with a pace of 9:22 per mile
The average pace for 24-year-olds was 13:37
Placed 170th among 841 people the same age
Placed 256th among 3,149 people from Spokane Valley, WA
Placed 5,090th among 40,267 people from Washington
Placed 17th among 142 people with the same last name
Placed 2,250th among 30,568 females
Placed 79th out of 564 among 24-year-old females
Placed 527th out of 4,273 people in your age group

As for future runs, we are gearing up for SPOKANE TO SANDPOINT and THE DIRTY DASH, as well as other various 5/10k's. Check em out!

Looking forward to a great summer!!!