Sunday, November 27, 2011

He's home...

And I could not be HAPPIER! Except he has been home for a couple weeks now, and he is leaving tomorrow morning to go back till Dec. 16th. So that is not s0 great, but the last couple weeks have been way great! We have just been hangin out with good friends and enjoying eachother. I'm excited for him to hurry and get work done in LA and then get back for Christmas and New Years, then he may be heading to New York. We aren't sure yet. Also last month my dad and stepmom came to Spokane for the first time. Bodie wasn't here, but I was able to show them a good time regardless. We did quite a bit while they were in town, but I only snapped a few pics from a few events...
I took them to Greenbluff, which is a bunch of family owned fruit farms where you can go pick fresh fruit and do lots of fun things with family. This was a little shop we stopped at to eat some lunch..

They had homemade honey for sale from all these bee's. Looked so good!

Lots of pumpkins for sale

We had some homemade cider, soup, and pie and it was SOOOO yummy!
This is where our cider was made from scratch!

Downtown Spokane, dad goin for a lil jog!

We also went to a NHL Chiefs Hockey Game, which Bodie and I LOVE

We had a great time and I loved spending quality time with my dad and stepmom. I hope they can get back here sooner than later.
Now onto Thanksgiving...Bodie and I were invited to do Thanksgiving with the Stephens family. We had a great time with them. I was happy to get some pics with Bodie while he was here so I can look at his cute face while he's gone.

Love him to death!!
Good friends Alisabeth and Spencer. Spencer is Bodie's best buddy here in Spokane. While Bodie is 27 and Spencer is 14, they have a ball together. Spencer keeps Bodie young and I wouldnt have it any other way.
I wanted to brag a little bit real quick about my amazing husband. In 4 1/2 years of marriage the longest we had ever been apart was maybe 2 days. Then all of a sudden he left to LA for work for what we thought would be 3-4 weeks, it ended up being 3 1/2 months. We did see eachother 2 times during those months, but it was still a very new experience for the both of us. It has been so nice having him back, and also a little bit difficult haha, which I didnt expect. Reasons why:
1. Everything in my house stays nicely in its place, laundry done, dishes put away, tidy. He comes home, everything is out of place, always laundry, dishes...he's like a little kid and I find the things sitting in the weirdest places. Frustrating, but cute.
2. I am not a morning person AT ALL. 2nd day he was here, 5:45 am, "Kate lets go to the gym! Get up!" I was not happy about this. I don't do anything before 7-8am. So what did he do? Turned on music of one of my favorite bands, and jumped on the bed. I had to laugh. He knows me so well. I was glad we went to the gym. It felt great.
3. Thanksgiving morning: Turkey Trot! Lets go running! So we end up running 6 miles, insane hill, cold, and man I just wanted to give up. He is alot faster than me, and about a million times more mentally tough than me, and he pushed me and kept me going when I was sure I wanted to walk and I appreciated that so much.
4. I am on time to church every single Sunday. Today we were late because of him and I was so frustrated. In the end it didnt matter, we got there, and it was great. I just love sitting with him in church because the last 3 months people have been wondering what my "story" is, I'm pretty sure thinking I must be divorced or something. Now they know he really does exist.
So in the end, I just love everything about him, even when I am so frustrated at times. Everywhere we go, everyone that ever comments guesses that Bodie is about 19yrs old. Its crazy because he'll be 28. He acts like a little kid though. I just love it so much and I hope he never really grows up. He is just so perfect for me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

13 days of complete JOY!

I just got back from spending 13 amazing days with my hubs- 8 in Utah, 5 in LA. He is still in LA working. It was so great taking some time together and spend it with family and friends. I hadn't seen Bodie for 2 months (with the exception of Labor Day weekend...a measly 3 days) and it was WONDERFUL. Felt like a 2nd honeymoon :) Utah was a complete blast. There's nothing quite like going home. We did a lot of fun things: Bodie went to some MMA fights with some buddies that he hadn't seen in a while, and I met up with the girls to have dinner and catch up on each others lives; We met up with our best friends and their kids and had a bon fire out of the desert, got family pics taken with Bodie's family, went on a really neat bike ride at the Wedge, watched some general conference, played a few rounds of golf (Bodie's favorite thing right now), was able to go to a Zumba class (fun!), watched my little sister Emily's volleyball games, went out to dinner a couple times, visited with family...and then the Utah visit came to an end. I took Bodie back to the airport so he could head back to LA for another month. I stayed in Salt Lake for a couple more days for a company conference event,(which was SO great!) and had a fabulous time with my awesome team. Then I hopped on a plane to LA to stay with Bodie for a few days. LA was such a good time. We just spent the days being together, going to movies, going to the beach, eating out at some nice restaurants, shopping of course, and what would a vacation be with out MORE golfing! We went to also went Hollywood, and just relaxed. It was a quick but GREAT 5 days! We also had the opportunity to spend some time at another Primerica office and it was great seeing and learning about what they do there. Got some good ideas to bring back home. It was a sad day when I had to leave my babe and board the plane to come back to Spokane. I thoroughly enjoyed the palm trees and perfect weather that LA had to offer. The traffic, however, I was happy to be done with. It was such a great little vacation, and I miss our family and friends like crazy. Can't wait to see them again. Mostly I cant wait to see Bodie. He should be home in about 2 1/2 weeks, for a total of 3 months that he's been gone! Until then its just work, work, work for me. (I've been slackin!) In a few days though my Dad and stepmom Lynda will be arriving in Spokane for a few days, and I am excited to show them this city. It's their first time coming. On with the pics!
First thing we did when we got to Bodie some new boots! He's been wanting some for a long time. It was so cute, we got to my dads, he grabbed a bowl of cereal, and opened his new box of shoes and just looked at them while he ate. He loves them! So cute. And yes...that is green, its not your eyes fooling you.
Trying on the new kicks
This is baby Emika. SO sweet! Sarin and Jed Hinkins new little angel.
Me and Nancy with Emike and her little doll Molly.
It was a great time spent at the Olive Garden. So fun seeing these girls and sweet babies!
Me and Chaliese, she is expecting baby #2 in February!
Me and Beth...the only ones with out babies.
Me and my awesome Dad

We headed to the bon fire and Kody and Payton were gettin it started!
Bodie's sister Brandee, and her hubby Luke.
Us with the Kings and their SWEET girls Payton and Navy.

Good times spent around the fire with some yummy rootbeer and hot dogs.
Me, Brandee, and Ash
With the kiddo's...
Navy wanted to taste some Rootbeer!
It wouldn't be a true Emery County bonfire with out a WHOLE tree! Leave that up to Bodie.

There we go! Thats what im talkin about!
Emery County...Love it!
So we all jumped in the car and headed up Huntington Canyon to get some family pictures taken. What would an Emery County visit be with out weaving through a herd of cows on a main road??

The Canyon is absolutely BEAUTIFUL this time of year. Of course, pics dont do it justice.

While waiting for the photographer, Bodie, his Dad, and Luke played around with the airsoft gun.

Bodie loves his dogs! Loves to wrestle with them

We had the chance to go on a sweet mtn bike ride out on the desert at the WEDGE. For those of you who like biking I would strongly recommend this trail!
All geard up and ready to ride!

Who knew that Emery County had such a beautiful attraction. Best kept secret for sure!

The trail looked like this most the way, some rough spots, mostly pretty simple.
Simply amazing

Bodie mom (Gloria) and I had the chance to watch Navy and Payton for a littl while. We just adore those 2 little girls!

Just got done painting our nails.
Such a happy lil thing!
Haha here is a series of pics of how this hole went...

He really was just joking, but it was funny!

Bodie said, "Im waving, you know, like how Tiger Woods waves after he has a great shot and everyone is clapping"...what a cutie!
I suprized Emily at her Volleyball. Well, suprized really is an understatement. SHOCKED is more suitable!

She played some great games! She's such a good little athlete! Good at any sport she attempts!
I spent a few hours with my Grandpa Johnson. He is such a great man. Him and my grandma were married 57 (i think) years. He gave me some great advice on how to stay married that long! :)
Can't get enough of the SLC mountains. Miss em like crazy.
Had lunch with these 2 amazing ladies also! Jessica and Monique. Both pregnant. Such cute bellies! Monique is expecting her first baby, and Jess is expecting her 3rd!

Here are Jess's other 2, cutest twin boys ever! Noah, and Ethan (not sure which is which)
Here is the team that traveled from Spokane to the big event in SLC. We had a great time! Love these people.
L.O.V.E the beach. Even if its too cold to get in. It is something I could look at every day.

Walking the Huntington Beach (i think) Pier

Some lil surfers makin it look so easy
Downtown Hollywood= CRAZY

Sweet cars everywhere you look

We ate at a cowboy steakhouse type place. This is what they gave us for water. A huge carafe for each of us!

Huge meals. And you had better believe I ate it all. It was so good!
We said we didnt want dessert, but the waitress brought this out anyway! HUGE thing of cinnomen apple cotton candy! We took it to go, well most of it, and it was really yummy!
We had such a fun fun FUN time! I kinda wish I was still there, but I was ready to get home and get to work. Can't wait for our next vacation! We are looking at Orland, Florida in February! Can't wait!