Saturday, November 17, 2012


and we are so excited.
I am 12 weeks along and officially in the 2nd trimester. I am due May 31st. I have felt super great, and have been blessed to have zero sickness! Things are going great. I do have a slight baby bump but not enough to really tell that I am pregnant so I am looking forward to that! I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and saw our sweet babe (in the pic below) and then at 10 weeks Bodie and I heard the heart beat! It was super neat. Bodie said it sounded really fast, and the lady said people say really fast heart beats are said to be girls, so Bodie said, "Oh yeah I guess that actually sounded kinda slow..." haha, he wants a boy SO bad! He said he is 98% sure it's a boy. As of right now we have decided to wait to find out the gender. We want to be surprised! I think it will be way fun. I guess we could change our minds, but that's what we want right now. I am getting my birth plan together, which I know probably sounds crazy to some of you mothers because lets face it, most women's birth plans don't work out. Still, there are a few things that are really important to me.
Most people don't know, but Bodie and I have actually been trying to have a baby for about 2 years now. We were on birth control for  3 1/2 years, then tried for about 2. After 12 months of trying I starting seeing a doctor to see if there were any problems. We didn't feel like telling people because we felt like it was something between us. Plus Bodie was really good about being positive and not even talking about negatives between us or to anyone else.  Long story short, for the last 10 months I had 8 different tests/exams, Bodie had a couple, and after every single one the results were "normal". It was obvious that our Heavenly Father had us waiting for a reason. Our next step was to get on Clomid. Well, we never got that far! It happened when it was suppose to, all natural. Super great! What a blessing! We learned some patience. And honestly, I truly believe part of it had to do with our thinking. It seemed really easy at times to think negatively, and feel bad, and compare with others, and worry about the "what if", but I just decided, with the help of Bodie of course, that I didn't have the time or energy to think like that. I just knew that we were gonna have our own baby. That's what I thought about, and what I talked about. Bodie was the best partner and even if I started talking in that direction he would stop me. Anyway, after the last 2 years, what a great suprise! We can't wait!
Over the past 3 years we have had ALOT of friends have lots of babes. Some pregnancies were alike, some were so different, all so interesting to me. I have had a really big interest in how deliveries work, all the nitty gritty details. Through all the different stories, and opinions, and advice, I have been able to form my own wishes and desires for my own delivery. I have known for a long time that I want to have a midwife instead of a doctor. Also, I would LOVE to have my babies at my own home in the future with a midwife, but for my first pregnancy, not knowing how my body will react or really what to expect, I am going to deliver at the hospital. I also decided long ago that I would have a natural pregnancy. Of course I am not naieve enough to think that anything can happen in delivery and I am not going to put myself in danger. These are just the goals I have and what I really want. What I am REALLY excited about is the method of birthing I am going to do. About 4 years ago I remember watching Jay Leno and Jessica Alba was being interviewed. She had just had her first child and talked about using the "Hypnobirthing" method. The way she explained it (No, your not hypnotized) and talked about it was so intriguing to me and it never has left my mind. I have always had it in the back of my mind, kind of tucked away. I have had a lot of friends practice the Bradley Method, which has seemed fine too. One of my really good friends had her first baby about a 15 months ago and it just so happens that she used Hypnobirthing too! She absolutly loved it. I asked her a bunch of questions about it recently and it just got me even more excited to start learning the program! I ordered the book and I am going to go to some classes. Based off what I have researched and heard it is everything I am looking for and wanting. It's all about the power of your mind. It's gonna be so great!
As far as work goes, it's great! The office I am running here is doing well and on track for really great things. We are going to have a new office opened by the first of the year. Bodie is currently in San Diego, and probably will be until Feb or March, with the exception of coming home once a month. It's definitely not something I prefer and I can't wait until he is home, but it's where we're at right now in life and we deal accordingly! We are looking around at homes, there are some killer deals here in Spokane. So we are saving like crazy and hoping to buy in the spring before baby comes. Bodie has started his Ironman training so he basically works, trains, eats, and sleeps. In 75-80 degree weather. Jealous. Life really is treating us well. We have hardships, frustrations, and challenges just like anyone else, but we choose to not share them, and we focus on the good in our life. Lets face it, we are healhy, happy, expecting a sweet child, working, have the most supportive and loving family and what's left to complain about? I hope everyone back home is doing well and knows how much we love and appreciate them. I feel like at age 25 and 28, after being married 5 1/2 years, Bodie and I are kinda starting to grow up a little, haha. It's so exciting! But let's face it, Bodie will never truly grow up. He will always be a kid. That's why I love him!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent News and Events!

We had a fantastic 5 year anniversary. We decided to spend the weekend in Seattle. After 3 years of living in Spokane we finally went! Its only about 4-5 hours away so its kinda surprising that we haven't ever gone up till this point but we have just been busy working! Anyway, it was a complete blast and I am just going to sum up what we did.

First off, Bodie's been working in Seattle for about a month now. (So glad he isnt back in LA!) So we stayed at the hotel his company pays for. Yay! Some of the fun things we did while I was there...

*Pikes Market (Famous in the movies) Watched the guys throw the fish, and got the most beautiful flowers!
* Mariners Professional Baseball Game- vs. the LA Dodgers. Way way fun!
* Alki Beach- rented roller blades and cruised the beach!
*Ate great food, did some shopping and simply enjoyed ourselves.
Oh! And how could I possibly forget. Bodie's bday is Monday the 18th, (#28!) and we got him a Triathlon Bike! He has been wanting one for SOOOOOO long! He is so so so excited which makes me even more excited! I really love getting him things. Next week we are registering him for the CDA, ID Ironman for next June! He has some triathlons he'll be doing this year to train, and I will be doing a few running events myself.
In other news, we recently were presented with a great opportunity! Since we moved here to Spokane we have been working to open our own brokerage firm within the company, and with some recent changes we are ready to do just that! Our great friends and the RVP's/brokers of the office here now have decided to expand further into AZ, and we will be taking over the office here! We are very excited for this new adventure, and are ready for the challenge and the greater responsibilities! It's what we have been working toward. We feel blessed that they feel confident with us taking over and trust that we will do a great job. We are excited for them to expand into a new area where more families can be helped! 
So that's basically where we are at right now. Life is changing and new opportunities are presenting themselves. We are really enjoying our life right now and hope that everyone back home, friends and family, are enjoying life as well! After all, we only live once right? So why not do great things and enjoy it all! 

Photos from our Seattle Trip...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Want to get to know my cute Bodie?

Since he is gone to LA (again) I started thinking about all the cute things I LOVE.about.BODIE
And how much I miss him. It’s funny how little things become huge
when your best friend is gone.
We’ve been married for almost 5 years. That is crazy to me. People always ask me why we haven’t had kids yet. My response is usually, “Because we are just having SO much fun getting to know each other.” That is no lie! I decided to reflect on the things I have learned about my sweet Bodie over the years. These are the things I love about him: (not in any specific order, and I really wanted to post this so that I won’t forget these things down the road;
plus maybe a little bit of bragging because I think my hubby is the cutest thing ever ;)
Lots of random of pics gathered through out the years!
When we go out to a nice dinner, I get dressed up, and he looks like he just got off the farm (even though he hasn’t) in cowboy boots and a tee shirt, kinda scruffy, and I let him know what he looks like, thinking he will change, he doesn’t. He likes it and prefers to stay that way.
When I am trying to tell him a secret, or mouth something to him quietly in a public setting, he usually can’t hear me or understand me, so he loudly says, “HUH?, WHAT DID YOU SAY?” As frustrating as it might be, I just have to laugh. So much for being discrete.
He is a morning person; very early morning. I am not. He knows just what to do to get me out of bed in the morning to go to thegym. Jumps on the bed, and then turns on my favorite songs, loud. It’s so cute, and even though in my mind I tell myself that I am NOT getting up, I usually
do, and thank him later.
He always sings; always. And it’s usually loud. And it’s usually his own made up song or rap. Also its usually the first thing out of his mouth in the morning.
When snowboarding season rolls around it doesn’t matter if he has been once, or 10 times already, the morning that he’s going the alarm clock goes off and he yells, “YESS!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!!” He is so excited like a little kid.
He tries to grow out his facial hair, and he really gives it a good go, and it just doesn’t come in well. But he tries and I think it’s so cute. He isn’t a hairy guy (naturally) and I LOVE it. He shaves his face, arms, legs, everything (chest hair is no issue for this guy, thank goodness!) And he has for as long as I can remember. Thanks babe!
He twitches SO much in his sleep. We will lie down and no joke in 20 seconds I know he’s asleep because he is twitching. And sometimes I just lay there and imagine what he could possibly be dreaming about. Sometimes ill wake him to find out and it’s always the same, anything to do with chasing animals, or doing some extreme sport. It makes me laugh. His mind is crazy. I always ask him what he dreams about. It’s all some crazy extreme thing. Never boring.
His style: He is SO incredibly picky about what he wears. I don’t think you would know it just by looking at him, he is so casual, but I won’t buy him anything without him seeing it first. It’s funny because some of the things he wants I can’t believe, but then he makes it look good! He has THE craziest shoe fetish. (I blame his mother for this) It can be overwhelming sometimes because his taste is not cheap to say the least. He is my personal stylist and I have no problem getting his opinion on shoes, clothes, etc… over anyone else’s. I love that he always brings new ideas to me, things that maybe aren’t so common that he thinks would be cool. So I basically don’t buy myself anything without showing him first either haha.
(right after he bought these boots, he grabbed a bowl of cereal, and opened the box of boots so he could just look at them while he cute, he was so excited)
He takes the time to be interested in my interests. Back when I was doing hair more, he would read about or see cool new things in the hair industry and tell me about them. He still does it today but with a lot of different things.
His passion for health & fitness: Over the past few years he has really become more infatuated with health and working out. He is always reading articles or books about health and fitness and just learning about different foods and supplements and what they do to your body, as well as work outs. Why pay for a personal trainer when you’re basically married to one?
How cute is he?
A few xmas's ago, p90x
I love that he loves to read. Since we moved to Spokane 2 ½ years ago we haven’t had a TV. Let me tell you it’s been GREAT! Probably one of the smartest things we’ve done for many reasons. But one of the greatest reasons is it has caused Bodie to really enjoy reading! Before I think he’d
read maybe 2-3 books (I think) in his whole life and now he’s reading books constantly. He just read 3 books in 1 month about an Ultra Marathon man. He loves reading athletes biographies.
His hobbies: we don’t have kids yet, but he is my little kid! He keeps me so busy and going all the time. Some of his hobbies include: working out, running, races, biking, hunting/shooting, golfing, snowboarding, more running, following anything MMA, skateboarding, baseball, basketball, soccer, bmx, and the list goes on. One day he wants a new skateboard, the next day he wants a bmx bike, the next day he insists that he needs a new baseball mitt, then it’s some indoor soccer shoes, oh but wait! He really REALLY needs a new driver for his golf club set! Oh and also some new snowboarding gloves, along with new strings for his bow he’s gonna be shooting (that’s the most recent)
(wrestlin with the dogs)
He looks so young. People are always amazed at what Bodie’s age is. People at our office, or at church, or wherever are always amazed that he is almost 28, when they were sure he was 19. That’s mostly the age that he gets, 19. Quick story: just the other day we were at the dermatologist, Bodie sat down in a chair in the waiting room, I was handling some paperwork at the front desk. Then the lady asks me to sign for him “because he’s not quite 21
yet right?” After I just had told her his b-day 3 times. I had to laugh. I think it’s so funny!

He gets so excited to use his Sonicair toothbrush. Every morning and night, doesn’t get old.
(and its a good thing he does! So we can preserve his amazing smile :)
He is slowly but surely beginning to feel more comfortable with little babes. He is GREAT with toddlers, which I LOVE, but he’s warming up to the lil babes more now.

Even though we aren’t preggo, we always talk about names. He only talks about boy names. Because he’s sure we’re only having boys. And they are CRAZY weird names. He never agrees with me. It’s funny. I love it.
He is so dang mentally tough. He just makes his mind and his body do things that he wants them to do. This is something that I am trying to conquer. It comes natural to him.
Once he has his heart set on something, there is no stopping him. It is a matter of time before he gets exactly what he wants.
He is such a hard worker. If he is at the office sitting around without much to do, he will go outside and walk around the building. We know this guy who is a remodels homes and Bodie always begs him to let him come work for free. He says that he doesn’t believe him, but it’s true! He loves working! Thank goodness for a hubby who isn’t LAZY! I know too many of those.
(He would choose to do this daily if he could)
He keeps me focused on what is most important. It’s easy for me to get caught up on small little things that seem huge, and he keeps what really matters in perspective for me. I thank him so much for this.
He is a worthy priesthood holder, and he took me through the temple so that I could be sealed to him for time and all eternity. He is able to teach me things about the scriptures that I don’t know or understand.
He is gonna be such a great Dad. Sometimes I get jealous thinking of how much our kids will
want to hang out with Dad more because Mom isn’t any fun.
I love how much he loves me. I love how committed to me he is. I love that he challenges me to be my best, and that he makes me want to be so great for him. I hope that when we have kids they look just like him because I want more of him! I just can’t get enough! I have an addiction!
(New Years 2008)
(this last summer)
I guess some people might think these things are super weird, and maybe they would hate some
of them. But I have grown to just LOVE these funny things. I don’t know how I got so blessed to have such an incredible husband, but I am sure happy that he picked me!
(right after he proposed 5 years ago)
Now if only he would get his cute little behind home! He's only been gone one week, but withdrawals are kicking in.