Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updates for Family and Friends

Does pregnancy really fly by this quickly? I can't believe how fast this is going.

I am thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. I guess I am one of the lucky one's who haven't been sick. Luckily not only have I not been sick at all, but I also have had great energy, no weird cravings (or old favorites that now taste bad), haven't smelled things differently, etc.. Basically I have felt completely normal, like my same self, with the exception of the weight gain. It certainly is different carrying weight that I am so not use to. Its kind of hard, and I know I have a ways to go. I can't complain though, I hear that sickness during pregnancy is the absolute worst.

As most of you probably already know, Bodie and I have chosen to wait to find the gender until delivery. It has been so much fun not knowing. It's so exciting! I always get told that I am crazy and both wives and husbands can't believe we are waiting. We decided early on that we would love to be surprised so it really has been fine. I will admit it was a little tough during the ultrasound to close our eyes and say "No" to finding out the gender. But once we got past that it's been a breeze! We had our names picked out like 1-2 years ago, so that's been really simple too. We have easily agreed on alot, which has been great! I think just being married nearly 6 years we just know each other really well, and are on the same page alot of the time, that has been a huge blessing!

Today I am 24 weeks. When I reached 20.5 weeks I felt the baby move. I was on the phone with Bodie (He is in San Diego) and it was really exciting. It hasn't stopped since. In fact there has been massively more movement. I have been able to look down and watch my belly move when the baby kicks. Bodie came home this past weekend for a couple days and while we were in church we watched the baby kick my belly like 5 times. Me, Bodie and my friend Brene'e just stared and I just laughed because of their reactions. They were both so priceless! Some women have told me that they didnt like the movement at first and it kind of made them sick. I love it and I cant get enough.

I was due on May 31st, but that got moved back to June 11th. Needless to say June is going to be crazy busy. The 8th is our anniversary, due the 11th, Bodie's bday is the 18th, and his Ironman race in Coeur D'Alene is the 23rd. Wow. So exciting and so much happening. I asked Bodie if he thought doing an Ironman or giving birth is harder. He said, "Probably giving birth because your body shifts and all that crazy stuff." I just laughed.

For those of you who dont know the Ironman race it's this: You swim 2.4 miles, immediatly following a 112 mile bike, immediately followed by a marathon run-26.2 miles. It is a VERY taxing experience. I cant wait. Bodie is training really hard right now and I know he will be ready to dominate when the time comes. He will also be going to St George UT in May to do his first 1//2 Ironman race in preparation for the full. He hired a coach that has been doing work on him. His coach is awesome. Why did we pick him? Because in 2011 he broke the world record for the most 1/2 ironman races in 1 yr. Then in 2012 he broke the world record (which was 20) for the most FULL distance Ironmans in 1 yr. Most people dream of completing 1 in their lifetime. He did 30. In 12 months. So we were pretty confident that he could teach Bodie a thing or two about becoming an "Ironman".

Bodie amazes me. His work ethic and mental toughness are unparalleled. But hey, I am gonna give birth, and plan to do so naturally, so maybe we'll be even. ;)

Work is going really well for both of us. Bodie has been in San Diego so far this 2013 year, and will be there until April. He is working so hard, and fitting in as much training as his body will physically allow him to. He comes home about every 5-ish weeks, but just for a weekend. I cant wait for him to be home for good. What I really cant wait for is when I get my RVP promotion and can be an official broker and open another office so that Bodie can be home and never have to leave again. Its hard work but definitely something that will pay off for the long run. I can't imagine working seperatly for 40 years of our lives only to have not alot to show for it. Primerica gives us a chance to provide for our family in a way that I really dont see any other company offering. I recently passed a big test to do investments for all my clients retirement/savings needs, and just need to knock out a couple more exams to be official. I am learning so much about the financial services industry and what is right vs wrong. I love educating and helping familes get back on track financially.

Other than that we are just so excited for 2013 and what is to come. I feel so blessed to have the love and support from our family, friends, business partners, coaches, etc...that we do. I feel super blessed to have Bodie as my husband and provider. He is so amazing. I cant wait to see what our future holds and to experience so many of our goals being reached. Although we face challenges like everyone else we dont dwell on them, but see beyond them and keep focused on what is most important!

We hope that you are all happy and healthy, and enjoying life!

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